Welcome to the payment website for the New England Literature Program (NELP) at the University of Michigan. 

The NELP Payment system uses a separate login service. Please create an account by selecting the sign in link at the upper right hand corner. On the login page click the sign up link and use the same email address you used for your NELP application. 

Students should use this interface to submit the $35 NELP application fee as well as the NELP deposits after being accepted. Your 2023 application materials and application fee of $35 will be due no later than 6PM on Wednesday, January 11.


If you're accepted, the NELP deposit can be made all at once ($500) or as two separate transactions ($250 each). The entire $500 deposit is due by 4pm on Thursday, March 9, with the first installment ($250) due on February 9, 4pm.